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It's true that Bjork isn't for everyone. With her fluttery, sing-songy vocals and odd, coquettish persona, the Icelandic wonder can sometimes seem strange for strangeness' sake, like a cute cultural misunderstanding between her homeland and the rest of the world, set to a skittering techno beat. Until recently, I was a skeptic, too.

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We lock eyes and— zaptwang —he feints at me with his head, stamps on the floor, and sends a brilliant bolt of hatred up my spine. OkayI think to myself a couple of breaths later, as my follicles settle and some kind of coronal discharge flutters off the top of my head. From child-prodigious beginnings in her native Iceland, she graduated through druidic punkery K.

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Advanced search. Birth place: Reykjavik, Iceland. Your vote:.

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Violence may follow her, but so does everything else. What if we moved to Iceland, or even arranged it so we came from there? What if we remixed things? We could quit our jobs and wear swan clothes.

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To some, Oscar night is more about the fashion than the awards themselves. Born and raised in Rekjavik, Bjork won a radio contest at age 11 and received a contract to record her first album, released in She first gained international notice as a member of the successful guitar rock band the Sugarcubes, then launched a solo career in the early s.

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There in all his glory is Zeus, or Apollo, or a good-looking discus thrower. Females, on the other hand, remain properly covered up. Nothing deliberately presented as naked can count as naked any more.

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Suffice to say, Marian Newman is the queen of nails. A humble one at that. I am a small part of amazing teams that create very beautiful things.

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And then she gets to hang out with two dogs, because why not. But none of this would have worked without that final crane shot. Hyperpolitical without beating you over the head about it, the pounding clip traces the relationship between art, protest and change, compactly collecting all of these parts into a single machine, the controls of which are up for grabs. The apparatus is a work of art unto itself, and the splash of green paint that nails the camera lens at the end is a perfect expression of the energy that it can produce.

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Art and censorship, since art is art, have always led to a kind of war, setting moral and political correctness to different degrees. If censorship is sometimes necessary and justified; it often happens that it imposes limits that have no place to be, especially when it comes to art on album covers. Does censorship has the right to restrain the creativity of our artists?

Few among those musical stars that came of age in the 90s have evolved in such complex and interesting ways, carrying their old fans into the future and picking up a whole heap of new ones along the way. A clue to her evolution may lie in her unusual collaborations with designers, scientists, software developers, composers, instrument makers, app makers and film directors. Guardian Australia: Vulnicura chronicles your grief after your marriage broke down.


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