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The world of comedy includes multiple forms, from improv to scripted, stand-up comedy to sketch comedy. At the heart of these practices is the ability to make someone laugh. A well-placed joke or a spontaneous line can have the audience in stitches, which is something we teach, to a certain degree, at The Second City.

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Because we choose our friends and not our family, Thanksgiving can sometimes be an awkward, cross-generational mix of people. Certain topics should be avoided almost categorically: religion, sex, politics there may be others! After gorging yourself, you might want to unwind with a movie or TV show -- but, just like dinner conversations, it'll have to be something that everyone can enjoy.

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This was an important year for Indian stand-up comedy in terms of numbers—14 stand-up specials were released on Amazon Prime Video, three stand-up artists made their debuts as show writers exploring genres beyond comedy, and, on Netflix, the first Indian female comedian made her debut with a stand-up special. But even though on paper, the collective efforts of a small ecosystem paid off with lucrative deals with two of the biggest online content streaming giants, only a few of these specials were on point. In a market that is increasingly saturated with numerous professional stand-up comedians, comedy collectives, and online content creators, there were a few newcomers who hit that coveted sweet spot of viral fame this year. And elsewhere, on television, a show gave a platform to emerging female Indian stand-up comics to fight it out and land a television deal.

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Being young comes with its own set of challenges. While these situations are frustrating, they also have their upsides chicken nuggets for dinner, anyone? And in comedy, where so many things are upside down, that frustratingly unusual perspective is a huge asset for teen comics.

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As opposed to working blueworking clean in comedy means having a show with jokes and gags appropriate for audiences of all ages. The comedians who work clean have a knack for making the crowd laugh without resorting to toilet humor, sexual jokes, or foul language, resulting in fun the whole family can enjoy. It's important to note, though, that even though the humor may be clean, it may also be too sophisticated for young children.

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Each week, ImprovBoston presents an experimental show featuring three indie comedy acts. The Lab is dedicated to showcasing improv, sketch, standup and variety projects in-development. A mad comedy experiment, the.

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Stage time is KEY for comedy. Teen comics need to get their material into the world! Performing live gives teens confidence as well as sometimes painful, but necessary honest feedback.

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Of course, singling women out on a list like this may give you the impression that women are only funny in a list of other women. Think of this roundup as our way of saying, sorry, white male comedians, you need to step up your game. Jessica Williams would be the person to ask — but we suspect it has something to do with a killer work ethic and possessing razor sharp wit.

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Welcome to Standup Comedywhere we break down with the help of some seasoned pros and industry experts how to get started. The essential gesture of the comedian is the shrug. This is the truth, the comic metaphor for our lives.


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